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Life is...

Welcome to my website!  I'm Nikki ~ a Holistic Coach, Priestess, Entrepreneur, Artist, Writer and Intuitive (to name but a few of my loves!!)  I'm what Barabara Shen calls 'A Scanner' and The Putty Tribe labels 'a multipotentialite' which basically means I have an array of skills and interests which I cycle around a bit like the moon and her Luna ways!

This means I have experience in lots of different areas of life from Coaching to holding Women's Medicine Cacao workshops.   What is closest to my heart is Women's Empowerment - bringing the balance back through recognising and honouring the Divine within us all.

You are welcome to look around my website and the services and products I offer.  I love chatting with people so please do feel free to contact me HERE or say "Hi!" over on my Facebook Page