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Welcome to my website!  I'm Nikki ~ a Holistic Coach, Priestess, Entrepreneur, Artist, Writer and Intuitive (to name but a few of my loves!!)  I'm what Barabara Shen calls 'A Scanner' and The Putty Tribe labels 'a multipotentialite' which basically means I have an array of skills and interests which I cycle around a bit like the moon and her Luna ways!

This means I have experience in lots of different areas of life from Coaching to holding Women's Medicine Cacao workshops.   What is closest to my heart is Women's Empowerment - bringing the balance back through recognising and honouring the Divine within us all.

You are welcome to look around my website and the services and products I offer.  I love chatting with people so please do feel free to contact me HERE or say "Hi!" over on my Facebook Page

Passion is ours…

It’s our Birthright to experience passion.  There is no need for permission.  No need to do anything.  We were created to feel passion. It is what drives us to the things we need.  It is the path taken to fulfil those needs and desires. We have lost this knowing for it didn’t serve those who […]

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mewordsEvery week you will receive a Letter of Love with all my recent news, some insights to keep you connected to your Happiness and Well-being along with an Anam Cara Reading for the week!

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